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649 Massachusetts Ave. Boxborough, MA
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One of the best things you can do for your car is not get into an accident. Unfortunately most of the times this is simply out of your control. If you had an accident it is in your control to select who is going to repair the damage. If you let our shop handle body work repairs you can expect the following and more

  • We care about how your car looks and feels years from when the work is completed.All work is performed with the long term durability in mind. This affects residual value of your car down the road when you want to sell or trade your car and eliminates costs and inconvenience related to possible repairs caused by lower quality repairs.
  • We are committed to representing your interests when negotiating with the Insurance Company. This allows us to get funding that you are in title to under your insurance policy. It helps us maintain high level of quality work by using best materials and proper procedures.
  • We will communicate with you and your Insurance Company about the progress of the work. It is simply a good practice to let others know what you are doing and how long it takes.
  • We will never "cut the corner". Being in business for over 20 years and dealing with high end cars and customers with high expectations we learned that it is wrong and a lot more expensive when shop "cuts the corner" even if it feels that it was the right thing to do at the time.
  • We meet OEM standards and very often exceed it. This is natural when you do everything by the book, use industry best materials and employ best technicians
  • We always meet customer's highest expectations. When you do all of the above it just happens that you always meet or even exceed customers expectations.
Historically at AlphaCars we performed all body work at 649 Mass Ave in Boxborough. In 2003 we expanded and partnered with Auto Precision - our body shop in Watertown, MA. Shop operates under the same strict quality requirements as AlphaCars and is managed by Anatoly Prokupets - an industry veteran, car enthusiast and a long time friend of Dmitry. We continue to perform light body work and cosmetic repairs such as dents, scratches, paint spot refinishing at our AlphaCars location in Boxborough.
For your convenience you can leave your car for body work in Boxborough or in Watertown at 48 Prentiss st.