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649 Massachusetts Ave. Boxborough, MA


Russian Bikes with Side Cars and 2 Wheel Drive

The Ural story began in Germany in 1939. As a result of the Molotov (Soviet Unioun) - Ribbentrop (Germany) Pact, transfers of technology had taken place in support of Soviet "friends" in different areas. Soviet engineers toured German aircraft factories and brought back complete cannons as samples. The OPEL Kadett blueprints were given to the Soviets just prior to the war; however, it commenced series production only toward the end of the war as the Moskvitch 400. In 1941, BMW began series production of state of the art (at the time) R75, and did not resume production of R71. Supplying the Soviets with the superceded R71 model may have seemed a good idea at the time. BMW factory supplied the construction drawings and casting moulds to Russians of the BMW R71 motorcycle.
Today Ural is a very exclusive and personal machine with a long and dramatic history. Ural bikes carried Russian soldiers and military officers in World War II, field agents of the OGPU (the precursor to the KGB), leaders of Collective Farms and factories, police officers in Russian towns and remote villages, UN soldiers, and, first and foremost, the civilian populationof the former Soviet Union and many other countries. Over three million bikes have been manufactured to date. During some years, 25,000 Urals were built annually. To keep up with demand, The entire population of the town of Irbit in the Ural Mountains once worked at the bike factory. Of course, times have changed, the factory is now privately owned, and a successful US business team now owns the majority of the company’s stock. But even today, Ural bikes continue to be manufactured, though for a much more exclusive rider. Despite high demand only two to four thousand bikes are handmade by people of Irbit each year, and only a few hundred bikes are imported into the US on yearly basis. The factory proudly provides 2 year warranty and because you are supposes to ride Ural everywhere there is no limitation on the mileage during 2 year period.


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Bike selection should be fun!


We have a gorgeous showroom where you can find something to interest you in any season. We do not slow down in the winter; after all, the bikes have two-wheel drive and can go almost anywhere in almost any weather. Whatever mode of shopping you find most convenient – whether perusing and test-driving the bikes in our Boxborough facility or visiting our Ural website and researching the bikes from the comfort of your home – we will make your shopping experience pleasant and fun. You can count on top-quality bike assembly, the best prices, and hundreds of dollars of added value and built in future service savings.We will also help you get the most money for your trade-ins, using a network of reputable and reliable dealers who can trade almost any bike, any car or a boat.


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