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649 Massachusetts Ave. Boxborough, MA
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Labor Rates. When you bring your car for service, it is important to consider what you receive for this charge. The labor rate alone does not provide a complete comparative picture of the value received for the work performed by the shop. Consider other factors and elements in addition to the labor rate.


  • "Fixed right the first time". This is a common and often over-used phrase, but remains worthy nonetheless. In order to achieve this we require skilled technicians, the best parts, constant updating of knowledge and tools with regard to today's increasing complexity of cars. Considering the same complexity in cars, there is a relatively small number of technicians qualified to work on them, and an even smaller number who are dedicated to providing consistently high quality work, no matter how simple, or difficult the job. AlphaCars’ technicians are proficient, conscientious and thorough. They utilize all their skills in our state-of-the-art shop. No shortcuts are taken and correct procedures are followed in order to achieve the end result - complete customer satisfaction.
  • Support personnel that can create efficient daily working environment. In order for the successful repair process to happen, there must be good and adequate communications with the customer on the topic of recommended work, cost of the repair and when the car will be ready. When a car is brought for repair or scheduled maintenance, we will always provide a detailed estimate with the explanation of recommended work and parts needed. If the diagnostic work is required we will obtain authorization for the diagnostic time and will explain why it is needed and what will be done during that time. We will e-mail this estimate, which can be easily reviewed by the customer while discussing the next step with our Service Manager. To do estimates on such detailed level is an expense that many other shops will not willingly assume, but we believe that customers benefits greatly by understand exactly what will be happening with their car and what charges will apply and why.
  • Our estimates are accurate and fair. They are based on our experience of actual labor time a job will take to complete correctly. If we encounter any complications the owner will be contacted promptly and advised appropriately. Included in the cost of repair are not only parts, but also shop materials and hardware. We use only the best, as only the best will bring acceptable results. Much of the materials we use are European in origin and are most suited and further recommended by manufacturers - look in your owner manuals and you will see these recommendations. In addition, we use OEM parts only, and do not use inferior substitutes.



We strongly believe that at AlphaCars customer can expect and will receive personalized quality service, based on commitment, skill, quality part selection and the strongest desire to build repeat business. We also believe that businesses like us are a diminishing breed - privately owned, independent of large franchise pressures and providing value in a field where it is sadly lacking.