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If you have a reputable vehicle with a good track record for the reliability and it was properly maintained it should not brake down often. But when it does, it will need to be repaired. The key to the reliable and cost effective repairs is accurate diagnosis.
Increasingly, diagnosis and testing has become the most complex and demanding area of expertise when servicing cars today. In fact, in many cases, the time required to resolve difficult issues is greater than the actual repair time.

With increasing complexity comes a greater need for capable and intelligent capabilities on the part of today's repair shop.
Beginning with the verification of the driver description of the vehicle problem, we will follow a logical diagnostic path to arrive at the cause of the problem, and then recommend the corrective action that has to be taken.
Coupled with factory level diagnostic equipment and technician training this simple process forms the basis of all repairs.
In addition we rely on the vehicle owner input to provide as much relevant information as to what, when and how the problem happens. Being able to duplicate the complaint is critical to effective repairs.