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649 Massachusetts Ave. Boxborough, MA
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Bent rims (wheels) will cause vibration in the suspension system of your car resulting in the unpleasant steering wheel shimmy and/or vibrations through out the body of your car. Such conditions usually will result in excessive tire wear and will cause damage to wheel bearings, steering and suspension parts and joints.

We can repair the original wheels on your car to new condition at a fraction of the cost of buying a replacement from the dealer and often times faster than it would take to locate and purchase a new one. We can also repair all aftermarket wheels. 

Let's say that your car has vibrations in the steering wheel or throughout the body of your vehicle. Next logical step would be to have your wheels balanced. It often takes care of the vibration problem if your rims are straight and your tires have acceptable Road Force. But what if one or several wheels have minor deformations that are not visible and one or more of the tires have excessive Road Force? At AlphaCars we invested in the amazing state-of-the-art Hunter GSP9700 "Road Force" diagnostic equipment that allows our technicians accurately pinpoint any of the above mention concerns. Once we know what rim has a deformation we will perform rim repair and will bring it to the factory original dimensions. If we find that the tire Road Force reading is excessive and all the rims are straight GSP9700 will instruct technician to try to reduce Road Force by calculating better tire-to-rim placement. If this is not possible tire will have to be replaced.