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649 Massachusetts Ave. Boxborough, MA

"Sell-My-Car" Vehicle Representation Program Q&A



How do I know if you can sell my vehicle for me?

We don't sell just any vehicle. We only sell vehicles that meet or exceed our AlphaCars high standards. We will perform an initial visual inspection at no charge.


My vehicles passes visual inspection, then what?

Our service department will perform a general check up on your auto. A detailed evaluation report will be generated based on this checkup which will identify areas of concern, as well as a cost estimate to repair or perform needed service. The report will also separate those defects, if any, which impair the safety or substantially impair the use of the vehicle. These types of defects will need to be repaired or disclosed to the buyer. Additionally at this time our auto marketing specialist will perform a thorough market analysis to establish the vehicle’s value and recommend a marketable price for a timely sale.


Do I have to repair my vehicle before AlphaCars place it for sale?

Any safety related items, functionality features, drivability items will need to be repaired. Our loyal customers will expect that from us.


Does AlphaCars provide a warranty for my vehicle?

No. AlphaCars does not provide warranty for cars sold under private party representation program.

The Used Vehicle Warranty Law in Massachusetts requires private party seller (vehicle owner) to inform buyers about any and all known defects which impair the safety or substantially impair the use of the vehicle. The law applies to all private party sales regardless of sales price or mileage. If buyer discovers a defect that impairs the vehicle’s safety or substantially impairs the use, and can prove that the seller knew about the defect but failed to disclose it, buyer may cancel the sale within thirty days of purchase. The seller must refund the amount paid for the vehicle, less 15 cents per mile of use. More on the warranty obligations.


Once the above is done, how much do you charge me to sell my car?

Our fees are very reasonable and are based on the level of involvement. Fees are set by agreement with you. We will  launch and maintain extensive marketing to make sure your car is visible on any computer in the world with internet connection. We will take 40-60 professional quality photographs, generate vehicle description with vehicle options and packages, post vehicle and maintaining listings on, (posting fee of $75 is included in marketing expense). We will also provide CarFax report (fee of $39 is included in our marketing). Your vehicle listing will also be pushed to the following sites for even more on-line exposure:



Included with                                                                          Included with posting










1. AOL Autos










6. Google Base

16. Power Car Search


17. Vast




19. Our Dealership's Website




What are my benefits to using AlphaCars to sell my car, instead of just placing an add myself?

  • Peace of mind- the tranquility that all will be handled professionally.
  • High Quality photographs and meticulously done vehicle descriptions will attract more qualified buyers.
  • Because of our reputation and mostly the true quality of the vehicle we sell and service, AlphaCars attracts customers that are willing to spend fair market value, because they see the value of doing business through AlphaCars.
  • We will also attract a wide segment of customers that have trade ins, with or without existing loans. Over 70% of buyers have trades. This segment of the market is not usually reachable by Private party sellers.
  • We can also attract customers with different financial needs by offering attractive financing options.
  • Both sellers and buyers are looking not only for reliability of transaction, but for convenience as well. We handle all the paperwork including facilitating the pay off, new loans, registry of motor vehicle, title, registration, inspection stickers , etc.
  • We will also save you a lot of time when representing your vehicle by answering phone calls generated by our marketing and showing it to qualified buyers


What if my car does not sell or I just want it back after I saw it detailed by your shop?

It is your car, you can take it back any time. We would ask you to pay for any work approved by you and completed by us.